With no shortage of groundbreaking moments and milestones, the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign is one for the history books.

All of these searches had the largest volume on Google.com in the U.S.

The Race to the Finish Line

Top Sources for Political News

  1. fox
  2. cnn
  3. abc
  4. cbs
  5. msnbc
  6. drudge report
  7. new york times
  8. snl*
  9. huffington post
  10. wall street journal

*A good portion of the volume of searches came from the show's up-to-the-minute spoofs on the campaign.

Campaign Buzzwords

  1. joe the plumber
  2. jeremiah wright
  3. maverick
  4. william ayers
  5. bridge to nowhere
  6. lipstick pig
  7. yes we can
  8. that one
  9. rashid khalidi
  10. hockey mom