Google is at the United Nations Climate Change Conference

The COP16 conference is taking place in Cancun between 29th November and 10th December. Our main objective there is to put our technological platforms at the service of those working against climate change by educating on their best uses and showcasing some great examples from partners. If you are around come visit us at the Mexico Pavilion.

We are offering workshops to learn how to use our tools at COP16.

Google Earth Enginenew!

This application enables online, global-scale observation and measurement of changes in the earth's forests, incorporates petabytes of satelite data that updates daily and is able to perform complex calculations in the cloud that would normally take days, weeks or even months if performed at your desktop.

We hope this technology will help stop the destruction of the world's rapidly-disappearing forests and contribute to stop climate change.

Explore Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Outreach

The Google Earth Outreach team and their partners created a series of tours and videos to illustrate adaptation strategies that mitigate the effects of climate change. Fly over tree canopies in 3D, learn about how climate change affects our planet and examine strategies for reducing emissions through preserving forest ecosystems.

Cumbre de Cine Ambiental (Summit of Environmental Cinema)
With the aim of raising awareness against climate change YouTube is partnering with the Summit of Environmental Cinema, a short film festival, that has called for submissions about climate issues.

Have a look and vote for your favourite.